Born on the small island Gossen, by the scenic west coast of Norway in 1981, miles away from the urban lifestyle of photography, one could never have imagined that Fred Jonny would grow up to have editorial and advertising clients such as H&M, Kygo Life, ELLE, Marcus & Martinus, Magnus Carlsen, Leica, Bik Bok, Vita Exclusive, SATS, Pierre Robert, Devold of Norway, Opel, DNB, TV2, Sony Music, Universal Music, and the list goes on.

Fred Jonny’s interest for photography started early on, when the school janitor was kind enough to build a dark room for him to use in elementary school. He went on to hone his talents and showed promise working as a young journalistic photographer, all the while nurturing his fondness for music, playing in several bands as a drummer.

While studying at Norsk Fotofagskole in 2001, Fred Jonny was headhunted by photographer Lasse Berre, who had noticed his talents. At Studio Lasse Berre he worked as a retoucher, light technician and 1st assistant for 3 years.

He then lived in Ålesund and Bergen working as an advertising photographer, but knew that in order to expand his repertoir and enter the world of fashion, he would have to move to Oslo, where he quickly caught the eye of some of Scandinavia’s leading brands, celebrities and editors. 

Fred Jonny is currently based in Oslo, Norway and travels the world with his photography.